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Tribal Historic Preservation Office Sections


The Tribal Archaeology Section (TAS) is one facet of the Tribal Historic Preservation Office and is responsible for conducting archaeology by following the tenets and wishes of the Seminole Tribe. All work undertaken by the TAS occurs on reservation land and entails very diverse projects. Most of these projects are Phase I or Phase II cultural resource surveys that are completed prior to any ground disturbance. In conjunction with the THPO’s collection section, any sites found within a project area are evaluated for their inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places and the Tribal Register of Historic Places.

Of great importance to the Tribal Archaeology Section is to follow the doctrine of Tribal Archaeology. While archaeology can be viewed as both good and bad, the archaeologists within the TAS complete their investigations to better aid and serve the Tribe. Archaeology within the THPO consists not only of excavation and archival analysis, but also includes the creation of predictive models, the use of LiDAR, and talking to community members to understand their viewpoint and stories about a given area. This communication permits us as archaeologists to incorporate other perspectives into the archaeological record. By utilizing all aspects, the TAS helps the Tribe document and preserve their significant areas.

  Tribal Archaeologist Maureen Mahoney (far right) speaks with the late Neal Brown (far left), grandson of Bill Brown who built an early 20th century trading post on what is now the Big Cypress Reservation                


Our Archaeolgoists hard at work in the field!

For more information, please contact the Tribal Archaeology Section:

Tribal Archaeologist
Maureen Mahoney

863-983-6549 ext. 12248

863-763-4128 ext. 15444

Maureen received her BA in Archaeology from the University of Evansville and her MA in Anthropology from Florida State University. Maureen also received a graduate certificate of GIS from the University of West Florida. She has been with the THPO since 2009.


Management Trainee

Jack Chalfant

863-983-6549 ext. 12254

Jack has an A.S. in Criminology from South Florida State College and is a member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.  He has been with the THPO since 2013.

Field Technician

Brandy Norton

863-983-6549 ext. 12254

Brandy received her BA in Anthropology from DePaul University and her MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Archaeology at University of Chicago.  She has been with THPO since March of 2017. 





Field Technician

Andrea Bastidas

863-983-6549 ext. 12254

Andrea has a BA in archaeology from the University of West Florida. She has been with the THPO since October 2018.


Field Technician 

Shawn Keyte

863-983-6549 ext. 12254

Shawn received his BA in Anthropology from Florida Gulf Coast University. He has been with the THPO since May 2015.

Field Technician

Benjamin Bilgri

863-983-6549 Ext. 12254

Ben received his BS in archaeology and history from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and his MA in professional archaeology from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He has been with the THPO since October 2018

Field Technician

Dawn Lassman


Dawn has a BA in Anthropology and her certificate in Native American Indian Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has been with the THPO since October 2019.



 Meet the TAS team! (from left to right)

Top Row: Benjamin Bilgri, Andrea Bastidas, Shawn Keyte, and Brandy Norton

Bottom Row: Maureen Mahoney, Jack Chalfant, and Dawn Lassman


The Tribal Archaeology Section can also be reached at 863-763-4128 exts. 15224 / 15426 / 15213 / 15422 


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