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Tribal Historic Preservation Office Sections

The primary mission of the Compliance Review Section is the application and interpretation of Federal, State, and Tribal laws in order to ensure the preservation of the Seminole past and present.  The Compliance Review Section is responsible for the review of federal undertakings located within the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s area of interest – the geographic area considered by the Seminole Tribe of Florida to be ancestral, aboriginal, or ceded, that comprise the Southeastern United States, and its six reservations within the State of Florida.  The Compliance Review Section assists the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer to ensure compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), and the Archaeological Resource Protection Act (ARPA) through government-to-government consultations. 

Project Submissions

The Compliance Review Section receives a large number of projects per year for review.  To submit a project for compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, please submit

  1. A description of the undertaking including the location
  2. Quality maps that clearly show the Area of Potential Effect (APE)
  3. Photographs of the APE
  4. Any previous cultural resource surveys conducted within the APE with corresponding Section 106 determinations.  

Projects should be submitted electronically or by hard-mail to: Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Attention: Compliance Review Section, 30290 Josie Billie Hwy PMB 1004, Clewiston, FL 33440.  Please allow 30 calendar days for review from when we receive your project documentation.

FCC – Tower Construction Notification

Effective on June 3rd, 2011, the Seminole Tribe of Florida (STOF) is charging an administrative review fee of $300 per tower. Upon receipt of the 620/621 form with attachments requested, STOF will issue an invoice. Consultants will need to provide company name, primary contact person, mailing address (or e-mail), and business phone for invoice purposes. The determination will be given upon payment of the review fee via FCC’s TCNS website. Checks should be made payable to Seminole Tribe of Florida and mailed to: Seminole Tribe of Florida, Accounts Receivable, 6300 Stirling Road, Hollywood, FL 33024. Please include the TCNS numbers and invoice number on the memo line of the check in order for us to track your project payment. For requests involving multiple towers, a single check in the sum of $300 per tower is acceptable.

The following additional items should be submitted for each review request:
1.    620/621 form with attachments associated with cultural resources to include archaeological assessment
2.    A report that includes methodology, findings and field survey results
3.    Project area geomorphology and soils.

Please limit submittal of architectural surveys (unless embedded with archaeological information), engineering/construction drawings, and excessive photos. All correspondence shall be conducted via email and email attachments.  Questions can be directed to or (863) 983-6549 ext. 12245.


For more information, please contact the Compliance Review Staff

Compliance Review Supervisor
Bradley Mueller
863-983-6549 ext. 12245

Bradley has a Bachelor of Science in General Science from Webster University, and a Master of Arts in Anthropology from Washington University.  He has worked for the THPO since 2012.

Compliance Review Analyst
Victoria Menchaca

863-983-6549 ext. 12216

Project Coordinator
Bernard Howard

863-983-6549 ext. 10379


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